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Day 1 New high land shop 1 kj

9 Apr

Just testing a new function i found that will enable me to send notes written on my phone to wordpress . Please excuse the bad spelling and grammar.
New high land chronology.
Sculptures of kj.
Lucia henderson. Kj was confusion.
Couldnt tell what was what.
New numbering system.
Basic art history. Education and empowerment. Enough of a understanding to be creative.
Its all new.
Early maya sculpture is all in the southern maya area.
Kj. Middle area is a vacant area for stone sculpture. Stone sculpturess end with the preclassic collapse 150 ad.
4 sites located at natural transition zones. Kj itzapa el baul and takalick abaj.
Kj dealing with a diminshed land scape. No context between sculptures that were uncovered. Bad archaeological practices. All kj sculptures in terminal context. Not on original context.
100 bc. To 150 ad.
Itzapa over interpreted.
Takalick. Not illustrated too much. Keeping stuff not publishing.
New back ground. Kj chronolgy just moved 200 years forward in time.
Kj origin point . No longer accurate.
Sculpture development shifted. Inomata.
Forms that sculpture takes. Until now beem projecting back in time. For late classic. Can now read
Itzapa is the chronolgy hold out. Advised chronolgy based on new radiometric calabration.
Quest to be the first and earlirst has skewed the dating.
Simply shifting the absolute dates.
The 4 sites were concurrent.
Shook hatch chronolgy. Was too stretched out. Has now been collapsed.
350 bc is when la venta collapses
100bc huge change across the maya area. Rise of kings.
Terminal preclassic hieght of scupture.
Now arguing for a hietus.
5 implications of the revised chronolgy. 1 maya style not till 100bc
2. King protrists 100bc and kingly tombs.
3. Maya style appears to be adapted from the lowlands to the highlands.
4 adopted into existing and long standing traditions.
What changed
Verbena. Now 100bc -50 bc.
2Earlier texts appear to derive from painted tradition.
3. Major transition in the treatment of stone.
A stone as volume early to mid preclassic
B stone as scultpure surface late preclassic.
4 hieroglyphic
5. Text and image are a fully intergated concept
6. Local styles continue during the terminal preclassiv.
7. Mastery of stone.
Late preclassic sculpture development. 350bc -100ad.
2 major themes super creative
Theme 1 stone landscape water
Theme 2 enthronment.
Origins of maya script.
Kj in the late classic. Almost like they were collecting that monuments for musuem purposes. Problem with kj. Recycled monuments more than most sites.
The survivor of the preclassic collapzr is tikal. Probably collapsed because of drought.
Alot of ramifications due to the changes happening.
Now is a time of change and transition in preclassic archaeological.
For the preclassic chonology. We dont know the chronolgy. Dont know how to date scultpure. Refining it al the time. Binary divide between the Highlands and the lowlands both cultural and academicly.
Chonological and culturally. Changes have serious implications. We have to rethink were maya art came from.
Highland origins of maya civ. Is in correct. Came from the takalickabaj . Elporton. Archaeology projects. Early dates at these sites. Skewed thought to thinking that maya started in the highlands.

Maya writing have a classical period bias. Abt 80%. Label classic maya.
Elite language. Version of cholan. Lowland language.
Preclassic writing is patchy and badly perserved. Kj writing. Is it coming out of the Highlands or the lowlands.
Two new developments sanbartolo
And refinement to chronology by inomata.
3 major writing systems. Zapotec. Isthmian and maya.
They look alot a like. They are seperate. Languages. There is much overlap. They are cousin scripts designed to represent there own languages. Just because they have a similar symbols doesnt mean the underlying language was the same.
Probably came from an olmec base language.
What is the highlands its messy are they maya or something else.
Now thinking that there are 4 writing systems with the highlands being its own writing system.
Coe and kaplan argue for the highland origins. Stelae 29 tikal. 292 ad. Earliest firmly dated lowland monument. Rupture between the preclassic and the classic.
Early maya texts were on small portabe objects. But due to bieng looted dont know were they were from.
Peten had a visulal cultural complex clusters around 100bc. Wedded together from the start. Lowland maya stelae. Nakbe. Very badly eroded writing at elmirsdor.
Preclassic maya art all the way into the yucatan. Massive architectural complexs puuc region. Jaina.
San bartolo changed our thinking abt the preclassic. 15000 peices of stucco. Assembled together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
Many texts only now working on decpherment.
One readable glyph is starman.
230 bc to 50 ad. San bartolo dates. Dating the fill that covered the murals. Likely that the murals are earlier. 250bc. Also have much earlier. 5 phases of construction. Goes back to middle preclassic. Maya writing it style looks maya. But unreadable.
Kj was anchor for chronolgy for highlands. When its chronolgy changed rippled out to all other site.
Earliest written date
At sanbartolo 300bc. Found in fill.
Issue 1 highland and lowland chronology.
Maya visual culture is in place by 300bc. With wide distribution though out the lowlands.
Highland and piedmont come later.
Can read some of the glyphs at san bartolo. Lots of stylistic changes.
But sysllbic writing. One example ayal. From the beginning. There from the get go.
Examples of hieroglyphic on the outside of the temple. Large.
Kj style is similar to san bartolo.
Presentation of glyphs is different in preclassic. Not carved in relief.
Kj stelae 10. Lòoks like a mix but probably not. Mode of presenting texxt in preclassic. Maya day signs. Distinctive only found in the maya.

Day sign cartouche. Is a blood sign.
Culture affiliated participating in the maya culture. Itzapa and takalick participate in lowland maya culture
Long count could be a borrowed system.
Several examples of shared glyphs between thhe highlands and lowlands . Elites adopted the dominant culture. Locals not necessarily maya.
People always want to participate in whats cool. So itzapa and other sites were just trying to adopt the prevsiling culturre
Preclassic is all abt ideology and religion . Classic is abt kings.
Not sure wether there were true kings in the preclassic.
Back to themes.
Maonly talking abt style when we call a site maya. Dealing with elite culture. Only stone. All the other mediums have pereshed. So limits what we can ever know.
700bc first stone monuments.
Plain stelae. Kj . Naranjo. First paring of altar and stelae. 3kms north of kj.
Stone is in herently deep to create a link to the greater cosmo.
Finding that these stones maybe linked to the source they come from. Volcanic. Water ect. Longest tradition.
Zoomorphic sculptures. Is just a thing. Becomes more modified through time. Have no idea what these things really are.
Niche monuments. Harken back to olmec motifs. People emerging out of monster mouths. Jaguars and serpent’s.
Caves are super importance are a link between earth sky and unfer word.
Practicing rituals. Painted on the way out. Physical activities. Transformational space.
Potbelly sculptures. Subject matter not a style.
Ancestors embodiment of landscapes. Landscape you couldnt ignore. Nothing abt volcanos in maya iconography. Potbellies not were adorned with the accurments of elite. Possible generic form of volcanoes
Mirrors are associayed with Potbellies. Fire iconography.
Izapa has Potbellies in a rows
Mountians creation and ancestors all linked together. Very tied to the local landscapes. Incredibly diverse.
Theme 2. 500bc change.
Bench figures. Standardized. Also throne figures. Portable.
Could represent divine kingship.
4 legged throne only in izapa area. Public articulation of kings for first time.
Dont really know how to differentiate altars from thrones.
Alot of altars associate with water. A specail space that rulers get to occupy.
Adapation and adaption. At 100bc. There is a change. Slow easy development . Extremely close relation between san bartolo and kj.
Wide spread conservative style. But local expression.
Terminal preclassic iconography

Kj scultpure 9. 400bc. Didnt alter the natural form of the basalt.
Divide into two parts. Human form standing on something.
Human. Naked with belt. Twisting dynamic pose. Scrolls coming out of mouth. lBreath. Sound speech.
Conc shell. . Moisture rain.
What is he standing on. A crocodile. Represents the earth. Over and over again between earth crocz and water.
No celestial bands till classic period.
Style not standardized yet.
Kj sculpture 2. Crocodile body becomes a portal to other worlds. Shell edge. Looks like one monument but 2 sculptors. Differences from one side to the other.

One sculptor did several kj sculptures.

Still before 100bc. No maya influence yet.
Chakk is abt water.
At kj . Dont know how to seperate out the different forms of water.
Maya think differently. Than us.
Kj often has paired scultpures done by two different artist usally one good on amateurish.
The face of rain. Kj 81. Bunny chak.
Portsble chak sculptures. Comes in different shapes and sizes.
Possible still water.
Closed eyes open eyes.
Forget everthing you think you knew abt izapa things r chnging.
Rain and storm dieties. Each site had different ones
Still dont know why. Kj draws it one way itzapa another nevr overlaps.
So many different features that its hard too say if they are all chak.
Trefoil eye represents early creator god. Similar to itzamna.
Kj rain was more important than maize.
As we move forward earth croc face changes.
After 100ad. Always playing with perpective. Later get kings associatin with water god.
Kings associating them selves with fishing. Rain is always a theme. Kings sit on mats and so do deities.
Kj 224. Stone from south coast. Terminal preclassic. Human engage ment is required to understand the sculpture. Abt 100bc
Kj 226.
Probably maize diety. Coming out of a storm.
Buck tooth is typically assoiciated with the wind. Ik sign associated with all things related to the wind.
Chak. Closet thing that comes close to being the patron god of kj.
Only at kj do we have such a proliferation of chak.
Kj is exceptional among its peers in representing the aspect of sound.
Whisltes drums flutes. Music is associated with rain.
Lots of sunken courts found in kj. Sacrifice associated with the courts.
Cosmic balancs
Sculpture 11. A fine example. Of sculpture.
Jester god. Three petal flower with a face. The term jester god was over applied. Need to define the real Jester god. Really looking at three entities that have been conflaed to one jester god. Confusing because of similar vegative motives. Fishy god flower god. Leafy god or paper god personification of paper. . Has a specific word value in the script. Hun. Fig tree. Paper bark. Book. Also paper head band crown of kings.
Head bands are impotrant pan mesoamerican. Olmec zapotec maya and aztec. Same hieroglyphic used.
Palace tablet of palenque is really abt paper. Crowing with paper head and passing on the paper crown.plce were kings and subordinates were crowned with paprr headdress.
3 leaf hun probaly proper name of jester god.born on the day 1 ahau. On 8 ahau was bound. With head band.
Paper headband is not something that youd associate with kings probably has humblr back ground. Every king at palanque needs to have a mythological avatar.
Probably jade oobjects were attached to a paper head band.
Ahau probably origanilly a flower was changed to a face later.
Maya had an overarching concern to show that things had animate properties.
In the early classic the pbd was incorpated with the paper god crown.
Preclassic rulers were all hun. As a royal name. Substituted there name with hun the re is a fusion between the ttwo.
Ux yop hun. 3 leaf paper. Almost like a founder yet trancends a single polity. Defines kingship. Quite arcane stuff.
Izapa blends human and supernatursl. Kj makes a clear distiction between the two.
Pbd serves a lot of differwnt functions.
Pbd is sacrificed that are necessay for humans to follow. A great creative. Icon. Two drums with pbd wrapped around them. Descent of pbd in the midst of rain and stormsand lightning.

Politics and other stuff.

8 Apr

Well it now the begging of April . Were has the time gone. I should really blog more regularly.
I have been avidly following American politic hoping that Bernie Sanders will get the Democratic party nomination.With each state that he wins i count down in anxious anticipation till the next vote praying and hoping that he wins enough delegates to get the nomination.
If he doesn’t win I hope that trump does. I just want someone to be American President that isn’t beholden too the current system. If trump wins then the systes will probably implode and hopefully something better can be created from the ashed of the old system.

For Australian politics it looks like we’ll be heading to an early election on July 2. I really hope so. The current mob are a joke and need to be kicked out. I will be getting more involved with the Greens I am going to training this week end on how to run a campaign.

I’m also excited as I’ll hopefully be meeting the new Greens Leader Richard Di Natale. I’ll post a photo of me with him to my facebook profile. I would love to get a pic with Bob Brown but i fear that i have missed my chance of getting one.

I am also continuing my writing.  I am volunteering with Bookof mormon central with the hope of getting a paid position in the near future.
Things are looking up and going well I hope and pray that my life continues on a positive trajectory.

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