Day 1. Travel.

5 Jan

The family and I left home on the afternoon of the 22nd of december. As I needed to be at the airport early inthe morning. We stayed at my dads overnight. We got to the airport around 8.30 in the morning. Fiona had repackaged my suit case the night before. I said goodbye toeveryone and headed off.

All airfares hotels and transfer had been worked out long ago byy the freindly staff at flight center Warwick. Mostly Berdu.

It took me about an hour to get through customs.

I bought a book and a diet coke then say and waited till i could board the plain at 11.

The book I bought was a satirical look  at the breif pmship of Tony Abbot. Read the first 2 chapters got a good laugh.

Then decided I should go to the tiolet before I got on the plane.

I boarded the plane. My seat was right at the veryback in the tail section. Near the window so i had a good view.

I though i would have the row to my self at first but at the last  minute an elderly lady sat in the seat beside me.

It was a 13hr plane ride. Tried to sleep but it was too hard.

Watched a movie and some tv

Got off at LA .

I wandered around aimlessly trying to find my shuttle to the hotel.

Finally found the right area.

Headed to the hotel . Checked in. Then went to my room and slept for 12hrs.



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