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Early Christmas

22 Dec

Well its one day to go til I take off on the trip of a life time so I’m having our traditional family breakfast early.

I’m so excited yet so nervous at the same time. I’ve been tempted to pull out a few times its only the amount of money that would be lost form cancelling at the last moment that keeps me motivated.

I’ll be spending Christmas day at Disneyland. will keep you all informed via facebook and my blog

Star wars and travel.

11 Dec

Not much longer now. I have everything organised. Been having a star wars marathon before the new movie comes out. taking the kids to see the Midnight premier.  Taking 1.2, 4 and 5 . 3 thought that sleep was more important than going to a movie at midnight.

I would have liked to have gone to the Greens climate debrief in Brisbane earlier but 1
I didn’t think id make it home in time and 2 even if I could make it home in time that amount of driving is too exhausting at the moment.

Have my trip all payed for now. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.I’ll be going with  great group of people.


Now connected.

1 Dec

I mainly use FB but so I may get more traffic to my blog have decided to connect to all social media platforms.

So I hope this is successful.


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