Coping with life.

22 Nov

We all have different ways of coping. For me I cope by turning to God and relying on him. Its got me thinking that everyone cope in different ways. We are all trying to cope with life and have different ways of dealing with it. As I said my way is to rely on God. But I think that other people turn to different means to cope.

To me its all about minimising uncertainty and risk. we each seek to minimise risk and uncertainty. I would say that there are positive and destructive ways to do it. So  some turn to drugs and Alcohol. Some turn to alternate lifestyles . Some like my self turn to religion. Or some  turn to Nihilism. but each are just seeking a way to minimise uncertainty

I wont judge you for the way you try to minimize uncertainty.  You may not understand why I turn to God to minimise uncertainty.  but it is the same reason that you turn to your mechanism to cope with uncertainty.



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