Thinking about Mum

15 Nov

Its almost a year now since my mum passed away. I have a firm belief that i will see her again in the next life. but there are still times when i find my self about to call her to tell her about some funny thing the kids have done or some achievement they have done.

I went and visited her grave the last time that I was in Brisbane. I thought that might be able to connect to her presence  or something. but shes not there. . I guess if i was was a spirit i wouldn’t be hanging around my own grave,

My Mum wanted grand kids so she was always  trying to fix me up with different young women that she knew. when she was at work she’d call home around 7 every night.  one night just after id come home from my mission. she called .  shortly after the call started he called over to one of her young workmates . Your looking for a boyfriend my son needs a girlfriend. talk to him. so she put me on the phone to this total stranger. We talked about going to see a movie together but nothing ever eventuated from it.
She also set me up with my wife. encouraging me to talk to this new girl at church. It didnt work out exactly as she had planned as she didnt at the time realise what type of person my wife was. We were able to have a laugh about it in the month before she died.

I need to try and remember more of the time that i had with my mum and write them down for my kids so they can know what there grandma was like.


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