Gliosis, Glioma and spinal compression Fractures

12 Nov

After visiting my neurologist and psychologist i finally have a name and some understanding of what is happen with me. The Neurololgisst found 4 glioma’s in my brain. From what I understand of there description my type of Gliomas are and encapsulated infection in my brain. I’ve probably had then since i was a kid. Each Glioma is different just because this is how mine are doesn’t mean that some one else with them will have them behave in the same way.
I have 4 they are located on the corona radiata. which are connections to the different sections of the brain.
I is in the verbal/motor section of the brain which explains why i”ve always been so clumsy

the 2nd one is in the the temporal lobe. explains why i have always seemed to have a different view of reality.

the 3rd one is in my memory section of the brain. which explains why since the last flare up i’ve been having memory lapses.

the 4th one i cant remember the particular area that it is in.


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