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General stuff.

11 Oct

Its been really great watching general conference over the last two day. Its the most inspired and uplifted ive been by general conference in a long time.

I really love president uchdorf. He just has a loving glow about him that i sometimes dont see inthe other apostles.  After conference was over he was standing therewaving at every one. The other apostles seemed to exit as quickly as possible.

Getting my second compensation payment soon. We are going to invest in buying land so we can establish a communty.  In case society collapses.

I’m excited about the trip that will be happening in december. Have worked out  a basic outline.

Will start in LA. If i can i plan to go to the temple if i can. Also go to Disney land.

Then i start my mesoamerican tour. It lasts  for 10 days.

Starts in guatamala city. Looking at the ancient ruins of kaminalhuju. Moving onto copan, Quiguira ,Siebal,Tikal and El Mirador.

I might go visit Teotihucan but havent decided on that yet. Then go to new york city. Spend a couple of days there looking at times square, statue of liberty, wall st, Zuccotti park. Freedom towers and finally the temple.

Then I’ll drive to upstate new york to look at the early church historical sites. If i have time i might go to niagara falls.

Then I’ll fly to Austin Texas to go to the Maya meetings there then I’ll head home.

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