Armageddon withdrawl

2 Aug

It occured to me recently that with a vast majority of the population using some substance ,alcholol ,drugs medications ,ect to be able to cope with living in our current society that when the economy collapses in the near future that the first thing thar will happen will be those who rely on these substances will go through withdrawl.

Depending upon how long they have been on the substance.  will determine the severity of there wirhdrawl. So as well as well as having to cope with transitioning to a survival situation well also have to deal with those that are going through withdrawl.

I think that for those who want to survive the coming collapse that now would be the time to get off all these substances that we currently rely on to cope with stressfull situations that it would be better to develop alternative strategies now .

Cause now we now we dont have to worry abt atruugling to survive. We have governments that are there to support us at the moment. We should be preparing now.

Its similar to our journey in life . We could just cruise through life. But the more we overcome in this life the less well have to overcome in the next life and well be so much futher ahead of those that have just choosen to cruise through life.

Satan is real .he wants us to just cruise through life. Those who chose to pursue a spiritual life upset the aple cart so to speak.  . Satan will try his utmost to destroy your persuit of a spiritual life.

It get depressing and overwhelming  at times. But if you can see the bigger picture of where well end up if we continue on our spiritual path. Then it will serve as an anchor to us when things look bleak and satan is telling you to just give up.

One of greatest deceptions that satan has thrust upon the world is to convince people that he doesnt exist.

The collapse is coming on the near future. Now is the time to get spiritually and physically prepared. So that we have less to do when the collapse actually happens.


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