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Pain and spirituality.

30 Aug

Its been 9 months since my mum passed on. Its especially hard at birthdays and anniversarys. I find my self thinkiing that i need to call her about such and such thing about what the kids have been doing and what they want for there birthdays.

I tried to do something fun last saturday but have been paying for it for the last week.

So have been taking a higher amount of pain killers. I find it hard to maintain my faith and spirituality when i take a lot of pain killers.

Its one of the saddest things that my mum told me in the days before she died. That she was trying to get herself right with God but for the first time since she became a Christian she couldnt connect with God.

The pain meds that she was on were interfering with that ability.  I am of the opinion that it was the morphine that killed her and not the cancer. She basically died of a morphine overdose.

It was probably a kindness as her suffering was over quickly.

So how do i maintain my faith when my pain meds are interfering with that ability.

So currently i just pretend on bad days till the good days come back when im not taking as much pain med.

I sing hymns in my mind and pray constantly when satan is attacking me with doubts about my faith .

Im glad that ive had all the spiritual experiences that i have as they act as an ancor to my faith during these hard times. I think back on  those experiences that i have had. And they help me to reconnect with God.

Group think

28 Aug

I really like economist professor Bill Mitchel what he says makes more sense than most economists

in 1972, social psychologist Irving Janis identified group behaviour with the term ‘Groupthink’, which is a:

… mode of thinking people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members striving for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action (Janis, 1982: 9).

[Reference: Janis, I.L. (1982) Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes, Second Edition, New York, Houghton Mifflin].

Groupthink drives a sort of ‘mob-rule’ that maintains discipline within the group or community of decision-makers.

These communities develop a dominant culture, which provides its members, with a sense of belonging and joint purpose but also renders them oblivious and hostile to new and superior ways of thinking.
That is the way Groupthink works to pattern behaviour and perpetuate a ruling elite that couldn’t possibly sustain itself, given how damaging the manifestation of its behaviour is to the prosperity of most of us, without co-opting key ‘opponents’ and holding them out as being representative of all of us. such as unions and welfare groups

So the message is that ‘sacrifice’ is required. Workers need to work harder (put in more ‘effort’) rather than work less and enjoy higher incomes through matching real wages growth with productivity growth and stopping the top-end-of-town siphoning the growth gap between wages and productivity growth off for themselves.

They want to suppress a broader understanding of the monetary system and, certainly, do not want the general public to appreciate the capacities that a currency monopoly that most national governments possess have to advance public purpose and welfare.

They know that if we all understood that the unemployment rate, for example, is a policy choice and that a currency-issuing government could virtually immediately eliminate it through clever public sector job creation, then the wage suppression function of mass joblessness would be lost and real wages would have to grow more in line with productivity.

That would deprive the elites of the ‘gold mine’ where they can get workers to put in more “work effort” for less real wages growth – which has the consequence of redistributing the growing pie increasingly towards profits.

writing day

26 Aug

well things are looking up. Am about to get some home help from Blue care to help me cope better with things. we might finally get the structure in place that our kids need with there help.

Been writing my Novel a bit today. but mainly  my Book of Mormon book.  It child #3 Tenth Birthday today. Fi was in hospital for a few months before his birth. it makes me grateful for modern medicine if we’d lived in another time period they both would have died.

4wd. Regrets

23 Aug

With my system deteriorating I havent been able to have much fun in the last few years. I used to be quite active.  Swimming bushwalking driving places camping ect.  But the lack of activity has been getting depressed. So decided to go 4wdriving. I had fun yesterday but am suffering today. We went snd did the condamine river rd. Then took the back road to killarney.

Also possibly have a name for what is wrong with me possibly called. Hyperhomocystemia.

Finding Zarahemla

12 Aug

One of my next book projects is to write a book critiquing the current candidates for the land of Zarahemla. I hope to have it ready for The BMAF conference next year.

Why Mesoamerica.

9 Aug

Thanks to a question asked on Book of Mormon wars website. Ive been thinking about how I came to accept Mesoamerica as the place where the Book of Mormon took place.

It started when i read the book of mormon for seminary when i was 17. I have always loved looking at maps and had a good sense of spacial awareness. I drew a rough internsl map.

At the time i thought that Cumorah was in the eastern us  so I went to the library and got out a book on the archaeology  of the Eastern US.

It was obvious to me pretty early on in my reading that nothing that i”d been reading in the Book of Mormon for seminary was in the eastern us at the time the Book of Mormon was happening.

Mormon 6 was the Scripture that changed everything.  I had a similar experience to Joseph Smith. That never had any scripture  come with more power to my heart yhan that one did.

It seemed clear to me that there had to be two Cumorah’s one where Moroni had buried the plates and one where Mormon had hid up the rest of the plates.

Few years later i was attending the temple . The only one in OZ was in Sydney at the time. I happened upon the the book by David Palmer In search of Cumorah. I got my parents to buy it for me. I liked the list of criteria that he laid out. but wasn’t convinced that he had the right Cumorah. His book lead me to examine the Mesoamerican case for the Book of Mormon. A few years after that I saw Sorensens book ” An ancient american setting for the Book of Mormon” at the same bookstore. then just before going on my mission I found Hauks book “Deciphering Book of Mormon Geography”

Then  went on my mission. I had discussion with several American Missionaries. To me a Mesoamerican setting for the Book of Mormon just seemed logical. it matched with what archaeologists were saying.

They mentioned people and sites that i hadn’t really looked into before,When i got home from my Mission in the decade since id first looked at the eastern US a lot more information had come out.  Having read the Book of Mormon several times on my mission I was way more familiar with it than i had been when i was in seminary.

but looking at everything again it still didnt match with the fundamental basics of what the Book of Mormon proposed.

it was about this time that I first read Clarkes review of Haucks Deciphering the geography of the Book of Mormon. I thought in general that his critique was a harsh on Hauck. but one thing that i did like was his depiction of needing to draw an internal map before correlating any external locations.

I have since done this exercise many times.

At this time i thought about studying Archaeology at UNI but decided to do environmental science instead.

all the knowledge that i’ve gained over the years solidifies my initial leanings towards Mesoamerica.

9 Aug

I dont know how true this observation is but it occured to me that you can rank were countries will lie on the left right spectrum based on thier historic exposure to ether catholicism/orthodoxy or protestant religon. .the protestant exposure the more capitalist they become .

Geography conundrums.

7 Aug

Some may know that Book of Mormon Geography is a hobby of mine. I feel that Mesoamerica is the place but i don’t feel that any of the current geographies are completely accurate. Maybe after I have completed studying it out I will find some commonality with the current models. It would be so much easier to just adopt one of the current models and be done with it. but i’m afraid that is not how my mind works it need to come to its own conclusions.

Armageddon withdrawl

2 Aug

It occured to me recently that with a vast majority of the population using some substance ,alcholol ,drugs medications ,ect to be able to cope with living in our current society that when the economy collapses in the near future that the first thing thar will happen will be those who rely on these substances will go through withdrawl.

Depending upon how long they have been on the substance.  will determine the severity of there wirhdrawl. So as well as well as having to cope with transitioning to a survival situation well also have to deal with those that are going through withdrawl.

I think that for those who want to survive the coming collapse that now would be the time to get off all these substances that we currently rely on to cope with stressfull situations that it would be better to develop alternative strategies now .

Cause now we now we dont have to worry abt atruugling to survive. We have governments that are there to support us at the moment. We should be preparing now.

Its similar to our journey in life . We could just cruise through life. But the more we overcome in this life the less well have to overcome in the next life and well be so much futher ahead of those that have just choosen to cruise through life.

Satan is real .he wants us to just cruise through life. Those who chose to pursue a spiritual life upset the aple cart so to speak.  . Satan will try his utmost to destroy your persuit of a spiritual life.

It get depressing and overwhelming  at times. But if you can see the bigger picture of where well end up if we continue on our spiritual path. Then it will serve as an anchor to us when things look bleak and satan is telling you to just give up.

One of greatest deceptions that satan has thrust upon the world is to convince people that he doesnt exist.

The collapse is coming on the near future. Now is the time to get spiritually and physically prepared. So that we have less to do when the collapse actually happens.

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