Ortho results

17 Jun

I got the results back from the orthpedic surgeon. Its pretty depressing. There isn’t a surgical fix.  They have referred me to a pain management specialist.

One of the first radiographers that i saw described my condition as a neuro-degenerative disorder, Explaining that i could plateaus for 20 years or rapidly decline . it seems on comparing the initial scans with the recent ones that I am doing the declining thing. As the degenerative disorder that i have is unclassifible then it it is impossible to know the future progress of the disorder.
I’ll take it one day at at time. My faith in God sustains me from one day to the next. If not for my belief I probably would have Killed my self when it first happened 3 years ago. But I know that God has a plan for me. That this is happening to me for a purpose.
I wish at times that God would hurry up and reveal his purposes to me. but that is just my own impatience.


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