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Maryvale History update

7 Mar

I’ve  been working day and night for the last week to get the book completed. Its almost done. This has been a long two year project I have procrastinated alot of it till the last few months. It was always I’ve got heaps of time. But two moths ago i realised i really needed to get to work. with the  deadline for the publication looming I’ve had to work hard for this last week. Hopefully the work i need to do next week won’t be so bad. Just polishing.  At least I’ll be able to do more house work. It looks like a dump at the moment cause nothing has been being done. 

I’ll have a very great sense of achievement when this is all over. I’ll be an officially published author. not that many people will know that I wrote it. cause I don’t want to big note my self by putting my name on the cover. I don’t think the committee would let me do that kind of thing anyway. I’m writing it on there behalf not for my own benifit.

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