Local History

7 Jun

The local school have asked me to create a history of the town that i live in to celebrate the schools 100th anniversary. 

Introduction- overview what will discussed in the book. Geography of Maryvale. The physical making of the land. Indigenious land use and lifestyle.


Chap 1 Founding. Allan cunninhams discovery, James. Arthur wienholt.

Chap 2 Selectors . How many plots there were. Families still found today. Ww1. Building of the school and the town hall rebuilding of the Pub.

Chap 3 Boom town. Main industries. Farming, logging. Railway built. Clubs, sports, road houses.

Chap 4 Slow decline. Change in travel routes. Opening of the gap. Cessation of logging. Change in farm practices. ww2

Chap 6 Tree Change. Co-operative living in the 70’s. Collapse of cooperative living in the 80’s

Chap 7 Rebuilding.

Chap 8 Now

Chap 9 School. School priniples outlines. Student lists, selected School Photos.

Conclusion what will the next 100 years bring.

 That’s the outline that i hope to follow in writing the book. I have already done much of  the introduction and chapter one.



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