Is this from God

2 Jun

At the end of last year i had a nervous breakdown due to not being able to cope with a full time teaching load.I quit my contract that I had as a result.

Three months later i had learned some  coping strategies. Also I feel that the introduction of the Australian curriculum would enable me to cope better as most of the work is already done. I would need to exhaust my self preparing for each lesson. I could focus on the actual delivery of the lesson instead of the preparation. 

I had applied for a couple of contracts that looked promising. 


Then 6 weeks ago  I was putting the baby to sleep and rolled over and was in agonizing pain. I had to go to hospital as i couldn’t move. The  paramedics gave me some morphine and I was able to move. 

Before this happened i was having some hope for the future. I was finally in a position where I could support my family and be the type of father that I always thought i should be.  that I could get off the dole and finally into full time work. 

The boom! the back thing happens and I’m back were i was before, actually its worse than before as I find it difficult to do the things i used to love before, like dancing with my children, or doing the gardening, or finishing my house.

I look at others and they don’t seem to have the same problems that I have.They can support their families, ect.

Before this happened i thought that I had turned a corner and things were looking up. what am i supposed to do with my life. what am i supposed to learn from this. what lesson is God trying to get me to learn.  



3 Responses to “Is this from God”

  1. Fiona June 3, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    Nothing particular to learn. Simple cause and effect. Your childhood illness arose from poor genes due to chemical agents your grandfather was exposed to in the war. So, those problems in your life that arose from that illness could teach you that warmongers are ruthless and ignorant of the long term damage they cause. It could teach you to loathe chemical toxins and cleave more strongly to life enhancing natural foods and substances, for the sake of teaching your children and thus protecting your grandchildren. You’ve already made decisions that are good in that regard. Maybe this can teach you a stronger passion for eating healthy, creating non toxic items for every day cleaning, etc, and help you to more proactively pursue a career in natural therapy.


  2. Fiona June 3, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Regarding your back injury, you know that is caused by untreated scoliosis. Maybe it is a lesson that while trooping on without self interest may be noble and brave, and praiseworthy, The consequence of your blase attitude, and your parents, in regards to your health, is that you are now suffering the inevitable consequences of untreated scoliosis. It was always going to happen. Your doctors should have known better, and made steps to prevent. But that is the nature of the medical establishment these days. They have no interest in true health care of individuals.


  3. Fiona June 3, 2012 at 10:07 am #

    So maybe your lesson is that you have to be passionate about your own health if you want to improve and maintain it. Don’t give up till you get the treatment that will make you well. I think the amount of pain you are in has really woken you up to your need to strongly pursue real health care.


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