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11 Jun


I started to look in to Dyspraxia as a result of a diagnosis that I received as a five year old. They didn’t have the diagnnsis of Dyspraxia back then  but instead it was called Minimal Brain Damage. The name was changed to reflect more modern thinking that there is no minimal brain damage.Also as a result of its name children with it didn’t get the level of help that they required in proportion to their disability.  

The minimal part of  the diagnosis referred to minimal structural damage. So on a scan the structure of the brain looks normal. Just because the brain looks normal doesn’t mean that it is normal. The functioning of the brain can be disrupted even when the structure look normal. My Dyspraxia was brought on by a series of fevers that I had when I was 4 years old that damaged the motor control centers of my brain. 

  • Dyspraxia is a neurologically based developmental disability which is present from birth
  • Dyspraxia is a motor planning disorder, not a muscular deficit. A child knows what they want their body to do but can’t get their body to do it.
  • There are three (3) types of Developmental Dyspraxia – Oral, Verbal and Motor.
  • A child with Dyspraxia can have one or a combination of all three types of Dyspraxia and in varying degrees of severity
  • Dyspraxia is a hidden handicap. Children with this disability appear the same as any other child. It is only when a skill is performed that the disability is noticeable.
  • Dyspraxia is believed to be an immaturity of parts of the motor cortex (area of the brain) that prevents messages from being properly transmitted to the body.
  • Dyspraxia affects up to 10% of the population with approximately 70% of those affected being boys.
  • Dyspraxia does not impact on intelligence, children with Dyspraxia have average or above average intelligence
  • Dyspraxia can impact on behaviour and social skills
  • Dyspraxia is a specific learning disability

 Motor Dyspraxia is a difficulty in planning, sequencing and then executing the correct movement to perform age appropriate skills in a smooth and coordinated manner at will or on command.

Children with Motor Dyspraxia may have difficulty with:

  • Learning a new skill
  • Coordinated movement
  • Handwriting
  • Consistent performance
  • Age appropriate skills
  • Generalising learnt skills
  • Timing and rhythm
  • Learning rules
  • Responding quickly
  • Spatial organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Using appropriate cues
  • Analysing what is needed for task performance
  • Preparing for the next stage in task performance


Local History

7 Jun

The local school have asked me to create a history of the town that i live in to celebrate the schools 100th anniversary. 

Introduction- overview what will discussed in the book. Geography of Maryvale. The physical making of the land. Indigenious land use and lifestyle.


Chap 1 Founding. Allan cunninhams discovery, James. Arthur wienholt.

Chap 2 Selectors . How many plots there were. Families still found today. Ww1. Building of the school and the town hall rebuilding of the Pub.

Chap 3 Boom town. Main industries. Farming, logging. Railway built. Clubs, sports, road houses.

Chap 4 Slow decline. Change in travel routes. Opening of the gap. Cessation of logging. Change in farm practices. ww2

Chap 6 Tree Change. Co-operative living in the 70’s. Collapse of cooperative living in the 80’s

Chap 7 Rebuilding.

Chap 8 Now

Chap 9 School. School priniples outlines. Student lists, selected School Photos.

Conclusion what will the next 100 years bring.

 That’s the outline that i hope to follow in writing the book. I have already done much of  the introduction and chapter one.


Test post to Facebook

3 Jun

I think I have worked out how to connect my blog to my Facebook wall.This is just a test to see if i have done it correctly. 

Is this from God

2 Jun

At the end of last year i had a nervous breakdown due to not being able to cope with a full time teaching load.I quit my contract that I had as a result.

Three months later i had learned some  coping strategies. Also I feel that the introduction of the Australian curriculum would enable me to cope better as most of the work is already done. I would need to exhaust my self preparing for each lesson. I could focus on the actual delivery of the lesson instead of the preparation. 

I had applied for a couple of contracts that looked promising. 


Then 6 weeks ago  I was putting the baby to sleep and rolled over and was in agonizing pain. I had to go to hospital as i couldn’t move. The  paramedics gave me some morphine and I was able to move. 

Before this happened i was having some hope for the future. I was finally in a position where I could support my family and be the type of father that I always thought i should be.  that I could get off the dole and finally into full time work. 

The boom! the back thing happens and I’m back were i was before, actually its worse than before as I find it difficult to do the things i used to love before, like dancing with my children, or doing the gardening, or finishing my house.

I look at others and they don’t seem to have the same problems that I have.They can support their families, ect.

Before this happened i thought that I had turned a corner and things were looking up. what am i supposed to do with my life. what am i supposed to learn from this. what lesson is God trying to get me to learn.  


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