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The Construction of the worker

1 May

Before the advent of the industrial revolution, the worker played a different role in society to which it does today. Today the worker doesn’t control the means of production , they do not own what they make. Where as  2 centuries ago they did. Most workers are now what I  would term  “Wage Slaves”. They sell there time for money. They money they receive is mainly used to pay off debts to the capitalists.

The Australian band Midnight Oil uses a metaphor  for this process they call it a treadmill. That as long as the worker keeps up the pace that the  tread mill is set to they can survive but if they get tired or injured and fall off the  treadmill they get left behind. Society  doesn’t really care about the worker. If they stop functioning they are discarded. Society only values the worker as long as they are being  productive.

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