Astrology File 6 . Rough Chart.

23 Jul

The program that I use is very old and I don’t even think its possible to get anymore its called Canopus. I’ve been using it since the late 90’s.

I decided just for fun to base the chart on twenty.

Imagine a child called Viente born on the 20th of the 6th 2020 at 2020 (8.20 pm). At the location 20 degrees south 20 degrees east . which I think is somewhere in Nambia Africa as best as i can figure out.

I hope that my readers can read the chart its a bit small.

I want to focus on the time disk reading. The points were the lines met the disk are ages were the energy from that particular body will effect the person the most

Inspiration Tangent.

17 Jul

While I was writing my next blog on Astrology . I started to get into the nitty gritty of how I work our a persons chart. I realised that for me its about tapping into that person energy/spirit and finding out more about them from that source,

I believe in whats called the Catalyst theory of Inspiration. That nothing comes to our minds with out bieng inspired by something else is the way that i would explain it.

AS Dr Micheal Hieser would say its not the X-files view of inspiration God doesn’t just dump the information into a persons brain.

Generally the person has been exposed to many different ideas and the spirit just sythisises it in a new and novel way. There are dozens of examples that I could use but I think two will suffice,

The first is from Isaac Newton. Apparently he saw an apple fall from a tree it acted as a catalyst to inspire him to work out why the apple fell.

A second one is not so familiar. Its about the guy who invented TV. I cant remember his name. He was being driven through the Rocky mountains in America. He looked out the window of his car . The window framed a scene , that he wished he could show his children . It inspired him to invent the TV as a way of showing the scene to his children.

It happens all the time in all fields of research but most are just unaware that it is the spirit helping them .

Astrology File 5 Time Disk

19 Jun

Many years ago I can across a unique type of Astrology, Time Disk Astrology. It outlines how the natal chart plots the course of the major events that will happen in a persons life. I think the author is AT Man. It was so long ago that I cant remember

It plots from the time of conception till 70 as the bible says that most live for 70 years.

If you remember what I said in an earlier post about each planets influence. where the planet is on the chart will also indicate that planets aspect affecting the person during that period of there life.

Under time disk astrology the planets also have a secondary function they represent relationships that will impact the chart owners development. Sun is the father , Moon is the Mother, Venus is sister/females Mars is brothers/ males. Jupiter is Grandfather/ Authority figure, eg. Doctor, Saturn is Grandmother/ Carer. How you read what the planet represents is determined by were it is on the Chart. The chart is divided into 3 sections pre- birth , Childhood and Maturity.

While I don’t usually use the outer planets Time Disk astrology does. They represent different groups that may impact the chart owner. Uranus is family , Neptune is friends and the 5 dwarf planets represent different groups in society as whole.

With time disk astrology it also makes regular astrology more nuianced as the person will be there sun or ascending sign bu they can also be influneced by the time disk period they are going through. We all cycle through the 13 signs of the Zodiac during our lives . A person could be a Cancer yet going through a Virgo period in their lives.

I believe this is why at time people think that astrology doesn’t work . They may be going through a Virgo period in their lives so there sun sign doesn’t match with what they currently think of them selves.

I figure the way to understand is to show how it works . to break down a natal chart. so my next blog will be me breaking down a chart. til then I hope you are enjoying this series

Astrology files 4: Minor features

1 Jun

Now we can move on to the minor features Unlike normal astrology charts. I dont include the houses . I consider these to be later inventions and not the way that the ancients set Astrology up when they created it many thousands of years ago.

I also dont use the outer planets for the same reasons. They are only recent discoveries . If we were to add them we should also add dozens of other objects that are of similar size out beyond Neptune that have been discoverrd that are of equal size to Pluto. I feel they are probably to far out to be having an effect on an infant born of earth.. there would be minimal photons to bounce off these planets that could reach back to earth.

The following weere widely used in the ancient world.Different cultures have called them different names we use the names we are familiar with. Its due to Ptolomeys astronomy catalogue, that we call then the names we use and are most familiar with.

The planets that are inluded are

The Moon – your emotional self. Also which phase the moon is in will determine the impact it has upon the chart

Mercury.-your communication style

Venus- the way in which you appreciate beauty.Its also about how you recieve things

Mars- your passion and drive

Jupiter- is about expansion and growth,

Saturn – is about obstacles.

When I go through each of the thirteen signs I will outline how each of these planets is expressed in a particular sign.

Astrology Files 3 :Natal Chart Architecture.

13 May

When working out a Natal(birth) chart  it is important to know the precise time and day that  a person is born.

There are a few different reasons for this .

  1. As outlined in my last post precession has changed which sun sign a person may be in.
  2. To get as accurate reading as possible into potental future character traits the precise time is need . Minutes can make a difference as to wether a person is born with a particular sign having a stronger innfluennce or not.

A Natal Chart is costructed as if you were looking north at the precise moment that a person is born. As mentioned before part of the reason why this is important is due to the shower of photons the baby is first exposed to upon birth.

There are five important signs in the way that I construct a Natal Chart

  1. Sun Sign. When people think of there srat sign this what they think of . This is about the constellationn that the sun was in when you were born. I will go into more details about them when I get to dealing with individual signs
  2. Ascendant.It can also be called the Rising sign. This is the constellation  that is rising in the east when a person is born. It can also be described as the mask on puts on when the sun sign is obscured, One thing that other Astrologers have missed is the importance of ether a person is born in the day or at night. If at night the Phtons reaching the baby from the sun are different as direect sunlight is blocked by the earth. The baby well tend to be more like there ascendant than there sun Sign.
  3. Midheaven. As the name uggests this is the constellation that is highest in the sky when the baby is born.  This sign generally represents how other people will seee the person through out there lives.
  4. Descandant. This is the sign the is setting in the west at the time the baby is born.  This sign represents the people in your life that will help you to grow and develop the most.
  5. Subheaven. As the name indicates this is the sign that is in the south below the horizon when the baby is born. This sign is said to represent the subconious mind. whats below the surface driving us to be who we are.

This is the basic architecture for how I do Natal charts. The next blog will deal with seconday features of the Natal chart.


Astrology files 2:Possible science that makes Astrology work.

2 May

For most educated people today Astrology is just rubbish and they deride those who accept and belive in it.

What most people dont know is that there as possiple scientific reasons why Astrolgy works. One of he reasons why it seems not to work is due to precession. Once wi take it into account , we can line up the signs to there true start and finish dates. Then people would be in thier proper Sun signs thus giving a more accurate depiction of thier traits and characteristics.

As the earth spins on its axis it slowly wobbles. This wobble causes it the Sun to look like it is moving westward along the path it follows throght the sky . A simpllier term for what I just wrote is precession.

You might also hear it referefed to as the precession of equinox.  This is fot the same reason as mentioned above , but it tracts when the equinoxes happen in relation to the calender.
Precession has made all the Zodiac sigs be out of Alignment with thier respective constellations. The sunn moves westward along the path of the Zodiac signs by 1 degree every 72 years . It is dus to this movemennt and the dates currently associated with the signs that we can work out when the Sun was actually entering those signs on that particular date/.

I once red a book about a possible scienntific basis for Astrology. It is based on the fact the Sun has 6 poles . one on the North and South. Then 4 poles around the equator. it rotates positive and negative. So each month the Earth recieves either an excess of postive protons or negative protons .

That is probably the real reason why Astrology can be seen to either work or not. is due to the Sun firing out those protons. That could effect the babies being born on earth at that any particular time.

each baby recieves a unique combination  of these elements that go intothe creation of a baby. Astrology is not about predicting the future. its about using millenia of accumulated observations to gain insight into our own character . No one tool can give us the complete insight into ourselves. This is just one that has been widely used for millenia.

From the next post I will start to look at Astrology artichture to understand our character better.


Astrology files 1:Introduction

27 Apr

I have been studying Astrology for about 25 years. To understand how I view Astrology you need to forget everything you think you know about the subject. the stuff the you read in the newspaper and see on TV and that which is generally put forth is junk.

Its just generalised statements that could apply to anyone. What I do ive termed true sign Astrology.  Usually with this type of blog i would give referennces, but this time due to how long i have been studying it ive mostly forgotten were i got the information I hope that you trust me that im not making this up and that I did read it inn a book at  some point.

The ancients who founded Astrology did it bby looking at the night sky., the constelations. At first it was just oral knowledge passed down to others, usually shamans or priests. Eventually once writing was invented the knowledge started to be written down. The first writings about Astrology are by the Sumerians.

iThe data the was collrcted was obbservational they noticed that childrenn who were born when the sun was in a particular part of the sky acted a certian way,

however in those days it was really hard to divide a circle into 13 segements so to make it easier at some time probably during the Babylonian era the signs ophicus and scorpio were merged.  the other thing that happened was that happened was that instead of represent the conxtelations as there true size , once again for ease of drawing the ancients divided  the circle into twelve equal parts. So that it could more easily fit to the Babylonian Calennder of twelve 30 months.

While I will discuss it more in depth at another stage  precession also comes into play as to why  modern Astrology doesnnt work.

So when Alexander conquered Babylon Astrology got a facelift the cobstellationns that had beenn known by Babylonian names were quickly Hellenised. Then when Rome took over Greece the system was Romanised

In the 2nd century Ad Ptolemy collated and synthisised everything together . He fixed the signs to the Equinoxes rather than the constellations. He basically created modern astrology. It has remianned virtually the same for the last 2000 years .





Final Fantasy 7 remake review.

17 Apr

I only discovered the Final fantasy franchise a few years ago. I had heard of the franchise years ago but had never played the series there were always other things that were of more important . A few years ago I finally decided to play one I got Final Fantasy 15. The latest game from the franchise.

After platinuming the game on the PS4  I went looking for more games in the franchise. It was then that I first came across FF7. I heard and read how everyone loved and praised the game. I had limited funds so was looking for the cheapest . I went to steam as old games on there are generally pretty cheap . the next i played was ff3. I completed it then looked for the next one.
I found that the original ff game was on the android play store. I got to the final boss Then i upgraded my Phone , so had to start over again.   Then I got some more money so bought a slew of games. I got ff7 and 12.  it was also around this time that I learnt about ff 14 online.

So started playing ff7 I play the steam version. I wont be providing spoilers and will only talk about the games story in general terms.

As I was playing on a broken computer some of the movement was difficult. O sort of fixed it by transitioning to the numeric keypad.

I got to the final Boss then my computer crashed and I lost my steam saved file,

I was frustrated that I’d have to start all over again. So for awhile I focused  on playing ff12 and the online game.

I got stuck at a certain point in 12 so focused all my time on ff14. I also bought 5 and 10 around this time. I started playing both but stopped as I was spread out playing too many games.

I had also pre-ordered kingdom hearts 3. I have gotten 3/4 of the way through the game.

A few months before the ff7 remake was due to be released i decided i wanted to try to complete ff7 before the remake came out. I didn’t achieve that ,

ff7 remake arrived on the 10th of April . I played it for 6 hours straight. then the next day i played it for another 4 hours.

I like how they have stayed faithful to the original yet added extra details that expand the story, I can see they are filling out the  roles of Jesse, Biggs and wedge , I think so that what comes later will be more impactful.

two things that pretty immediatly annoyed me 1 the character cant jump. 2 the character cant dodge roll outside of combat. .

with the combat system . having played Kingdom hearts it seems to me that the developers just copied the combat system from that into the ff7 remake.

I was hoping the combat would be similar to either 12 or 15.

The cinematics are beautiful and so realistic that it at times seems like i’m watching a movie instead of animation. that’s probably what the developers were trying to achieve,

Im about half way through. i’m not very good at games even though i love them, i’m a bit stuck on beating the hell house. i’ll perservre and get there even if it takes me some time..

Corneos arena  seems like they have taken the part that was in the Golden Saucer in the original game and added it to the wallmarket.

Also this game is only the Midgar section of the original game. It seems they are going to try and milk the game for all the money they can get.

I have heard that Red  xiii isn’t a playable character in this game, which is a shame as I loved walking around as a Dog.

In the original game you got to name the characters what you liked, but in this one you have to go with the names they give you. I liked that as it helped me to connect more with the characters.

Im loving the game otherwise .


Which way to go.

17 Apr

I wonder if evangelical ministry’s that are trying to save those they believe have gone astray from the gospel realise how much damage they are doing

I had an experience with light house ministries. They are especially focused on saving the LDS church from Thier doctrinal errors.

I’m quite aware of the flaws that people assume the LDS church has. I don’t need someone else Ponting them out.

They ask you to question everything thing that you have ever been taught and accepted.

The problem with this is that with the exclusive truth claims that the church has once you start questioning these claims then why stop why not question the other truth claims that are fundamental to Christianity. It leads to some abandoning Christianity all together. To some becoming atheist.

What is worse to believe in jesus in a way that is at odds with other Christians or to not believe at all.

I choose to believe Inspite of the doubts that I have . I accept a concept called Pascal’s wager. Which is that you are unsure wether there is or isn’t a God yet you choose to believe there is a God as it’s better to believe there is a God and find out it not true than to not believe in God and find out when we die that there is a God.

How the Atonement Happened.

12 Apr

This is a topic I have been thinking about for some time. I might have even written about it before, but my thinking on it has expanded.
I believe that we lived before we came to this earth That as spirits we have been around since at least the creation of the earth billions of years ago.  We spent that time learning growing and developing.
I believe we were tutored by Yahweh and the Angels.

I need to take a brief detour and explain how Quantum entanglement works.  Its basically how two particles are entangled/joined together when they do this they can exchange information. Time is irrelevant they can exchange information instantaneously

So by being tutored by Yahweh our particles became entangled with his,

The Plan was outlined from the beginning. Free will is at the center of Yahweh’s being and purpose. He knew that by giving us free will we would make mistakes so he provided a way that we could repent from those mistakes. He provided his son Yahweh Jnr to be the bridge that would enable use all to return to him.

If we weren’t obedient we couldn’t live with him in heaven. We had progressed as far as we could in the spirit so we needed to get a physical body.

So the Earth was created and then Adam and Eve were created. Satan who had rebelled against God had been placed on the earth so that people  would have opposition. People cannot grow unless they have opposition and adversity.

Satan was angry with God that his plan wasn’t selected so he is doing everything he can to destroy Gods plan. He thought that by getting Adam and Eve to fall he was thwarting Gods plan but he was actually facilitating it.

Fast Forward several thousand years from the time that Adam and Eve were on the earth and God saw that it was the right time to send down his Son to the people.

Many have wondered how Jesus could take upon him self the sins of all that have lived past, present and future. I believe that entanglement is the answer. in the garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross he used to Connections created with our spirits in the pre-existence to connect to us all and have the information about our sin sort of downloaded to him. He could then understand everything we have ever experienced and gone through.

the information flows both ways  we get pure light and understanding from him and cleansing and healing through the connection.  Making us a new being in Christ.  Now the connection is there and open all we have to do is accept it. Its a free gift he has given to us all At this Easter time.

Easter is a yearly reminder of what Yahweh Jnr did for us ad give us a chance to reconnect . He will always be there waiting for us to make the connection.

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