Youtube broadcast coming in the future. 

21 Jul

I have been thinking of doing youtube for a while now . Ive started to set up a channel to achieve it. I’ll go live once that is done and start posting videos every couple of days or so. I plan to focus on 4 themes. Philosophy, Aussie history,Ecomonics and last days /endtimes stuff. Hope you all like it. 

I will publish a essay here that the youtube broadcast will be based on. 

Green Electioneering and other stuff.

1 Jul

Before this election I was always a closet protesters and greens supporter I would work behind the scenes. I didn’t want the world to know my beliefs. I was afraid that they would judge me for supporting the greens and progressive politics in general. the church that I belong to I quite conservative now and I thought that coming out as a greens might affect my standing in the church. But having talked to various leaders and had my fears assuaged  then I felt OK about actively supporting the Greens.

The second reason was that I was going for a compensation payment and the lawyers recommended that I have too public a presence as it might hurt my chances of having a successful outcome to my compensation claim.

For the last month i have been actively campaigning for the Greens. The first thing i did was hold a stall at the local markets. I was really nervous this was my first outing proclaiming that i was a green in a conservative area. There was mostly a positive outcome. I had a couple of people shout abuse at me one calling me a fascist commie . I was more nervous about possible seeing anyone that I know . which I didn’t.

A few weeks I had the chance to be interviewed by the local tv station but didn’t due to the same fear that was/is stopping me from being more outgoing. Fiona however did get interviewed. It was broadcast far and wide with many people commenting on how well she did.
I wanted to do other things to promote the greens like door knocking or calling people on the phone but the fear was always there preventing me from following through with what I planned.
As the weeks have gotten closer to the day of the election I panicked that I haven’t  been doing enough. so did what I considered would be the least threatening thing. I decided to stand with a greens sign at the major intersection in town.

This has been quite encouraging . lots of people have waved and given me signs of encouragement. At first when I saw people that I knew from church or other community groups.  I was nervous but they happily waved at me .

Then I decided to do the thing that would confront my fears the most and that was to stand out side the prepoll booth. where i might have to talk to those who oppose the greens and be seen by others in town.

It turned out to be not as scary as I first imagined.  The people from the other pafrom rties are generally nice . I’ve had lots of positive encouragement from the younger generation.

So tomorrow is election day Fiona and i have been coordinating getting materials out to those who will be manning various booths around the region,

Fiona and I have booths of our own to manage. I’ll be heading to Warwick West.
The long grind is almost over. I know that it is unlikely that we will win in this seat but if we can increase out percentage of voters from last time then that will be progress.

I just hop that the younger generation that seems so keen on the greens at the moment remember that when they get older and don’t succumb to the pressure fro the older generation and continue to vote conservative.

Plan for change event.

9 Jun

This was an event that i went to in November it had lots of inspiring stories

Face of s student movement. Students who are being deemed as no longer being refugees. Being taken out of there schools at short notice and wisked off to detention centers.

Rohinga muslim. Mohummed
Tells his story. In 2012 the buddhists governnent attacked an burned his villiage so he had to flee for his life. Were trying to go malaysia were they had some friends. He became seperated from his family. He asked a shop keeper for help. The shop keeper attacked him for being a muslim. He ran away and meet up with another group that was fleeing. They made there way to indonesia. They started to make a life for tnem selfs till the miltary show up and started to randomly kill people in the shanty town. He fled again. Some one grabbed him and put him on a fishing boat. He worked on the boat for 1.5 years. The military captured theem again and put them in a camp. He organised all the rohinga in the camp. Stole a boat from a fisherman and headed away from indonesia. Ended up on christmas island.
He made it before the change in policy. He told his family not to come because of the change in policy. They came anyway there boat was intercepted and turned back. Doesnt know what happened to them.
He uses an an example when questioned if the lion is chasing you what do you do. You run. What tree do you climb the tallest.

Human rights lawyer.
A small group of commited people can make a change.
Just been before the human rights commison. Was there on monday for australia being judged by the un.
The minister didnt attend. Was left to the beurocrats. The minister for people smuggling. Spoke and was untterly perplexing. Full of lies and hyperbole. Boasted to the lawyer that he hadnt prepared before hand. The un was very concerned. 140 nations turned up to judge us. 4 years ago only 53 delagates turned up.
Advocating for a bill of rights we are at a critical point in history.
Advocating for a human rights act for qld.

Just come back from talking to the pm. Need to change the discourse.
Lots of people are now wanting to know why these people keep coming. He is even being asked this by people who normally hate him.
Leader of the 9 churches council. People are starting to change .

Sarah hansen young
Its is important that reugesz share there stories.
Its why she goes to detention centers is to hear the stories of the refugess and the staff.
Unlike the staff she can raise concerns. They are liable. Can loose there jobs and go to jail.
Whistle blowers have been invrediblby important. We wouldnt know what was happening with out them.
It is onthe equator. In an old mine guano mine.
Everyone is given 2 minutes to have a shower. It doesnt matter if you are a single person or a family. When you 2mins is up thats it.

She approched scot morisen at the time. To give him the chance to be a decent human being and adress the problem with out embarrassing the gov. Weeks and months went by. And nothing happened. So she went to the media. She was called a liar but has been vindicated by the independent commission.
There is an option c. The main partiez are saying that there is only option a and b. Option c is ensuring there is a safe means for refugess. We need to smash the people smuggler model. Captialist are good at undercutting and destroying other bussi ess lets do that to the people smugglers.
Andrew jackson.
Former abbot supporter.
Participated in the go back to where you came from show. Had a change of heart after participting in the show.
Voted for lnp to stop the boats.
He says that the problem is that they dont want to think about it. He used to make up excuses for not beliving in what the refugesz are saying.
Mind set is that x politican is dealing with it so i dont have to.
It wasnt until. He met and talked with refugess. That he changedchis mind. He met an athiest coffee maker fleeing from syria. Was the biggest eye opener. He talked about to him about heavy metal and the latest movies for two hours.

QandA section
How to get the media involved
Get the gov to change the law. Write letters to the editor.

How to get the people out of manus and nauru. It will probably change
Once the 12k from syria come. People will start to question. Why they are in detention when these people are ok.
The immigration department. Lied to mojgan . Told her that they needed to see her to give her her visa. Her brother a few days before her brother was dragged away when they came to give him his “visa”
So she was scared that the same thing would happen to her. She tried to avoid them but they grabbed her when she was leaving school. Her husband told the story of what happened.

Day 2 Dos Pilas

26 May

Publishing more from this years maya meeting.

David stuart.
Hieroglyphic stairway of dos pilas.
Called the petexbatun or the pasion region
Focusing on the region because there has been a lot of new information coming out on the region. First time that its all been collected at the same place.
Focusing today on dos pilas. Because of the unique aspect of stairways at dos pilas. Probably only get through one staircase today. Swampy area. Lots of sites located on an escarpment.
Dos pilas discovered in the 1950s.
Jaguar hunter from sayache. Shot a jaguar followed the bllod trail and found the main plaza of dos pilas.
Picture of monument.
Photo from 1976 of stair. Not inscribed
Main plaza has inscibed steps mainly fisrt 6 steps.
Dos pilas excavated during the cival war quite a difficult time.
4 hieroglyphic stairways. 4th was discovered in 1990s.
Stairway was discovered by chance. . Terminal classic wall had collapse over the top of the stairway.
When dig up. First glyphs were reference to tikal and caracol.
Dos pilas help to explain larger political movement.
Get more political details from smaller sites. Broad political details from big sites
Hieroglyphic starway 2.
Refer list of datez.
From hs 2 is divided into 3 parts each consisting of 6 steps.
Hs 4 had 5 steps.
L5 49 largest structure. Hs 2. Three shrine like structures on top each had a panel. Cosmological texts.
Hs 2 had flanking panels.
Discovery of hs 2 is complicated. Sitting out in the open. Cleaned and drawn. By ian graham. Published his results was a roving photographer. Tulane. Was going to publish a second book focusing on dos pilas. But was diverted to the maya corpus project. Ian only photo graphed what was on thhe surface.
Tree fell over in dos pilas 2000. Discovered more steps.
So the drawing of the steps was donr by diffetent groups some are better than others. Some over interpret others under interpret.
Need a more balanced approach.
Some blocks on the stair case are missing.
The stairway was built at different times . Stairways were frequently modified. By the ancient maya
Most evient at la corona.
Maya architects were always remodeling each generation needed to express its self through the buildings.
Hs2 not all in one style. Two different periods and artists.
Grahams are still some of the best drawings and photos. Invaluable as steps are being looted
Still mostly unexcavated.
Going to stsrt looking at the text in the center section
The part discovered in2001.
Inital drawings have some mistakes . Will point them out.
Narrative design of the steps is fascinating. Its a poetic design. It had to do with narrative and politics.
Maya were big into spectical. One stairways was abandoned halfway through making it.
There is a shift in ruler 2 from dos pilas to agua teca. Might explain why the stairwAay was unfinished.
Hs are unique to the maya. Rather unusal . In global cultures.
Hs were carved insitu.
Numeration system not consistent.
Start with central section.
U ti ya it came to pass. It happened in the past.
Half period glyph.
Lam. Submerges almost always refers to a half kaktun.
Very few dates fall on 2 ahau.march 623.
Hs tend to open with a dn. From date 1 to establish date 2. Preamble to establish chronolgy
Orintating reader.
C2 profile of g1 acting as a focus marker. Starts off dedicatatory sequence. Here or this. Alay. Based on To exist.
G2 royal name balah chan kawil.
Baj to hammer. Complicated sign took a while to understand .
Stone on flint. Ba. To hammer. Outlined in mark zenders paper. La is An affect verb. Poetic name to hammer the sky kawil. Holy lord who carries the title. Under spelling is common. As the people know who he is.
Text and image can overlap.
Bajla chan kawil is the father of lady 6 sky. Her monument is an example of recarving. Its large beautiful sculpture.
Step 2. Partiallyy eroded. Start in the middle.
Ahau. Day can only happen on 3 and 8.
1 ahau 8 kayab. Using 10th katun to establish a chronolgy.

10 lamat 16 xul. Basis of the calculation is going back. 10.12.
In place of utiya there is utoma it will happen instead of it happened.
Hu li to arrive. Its a logo gram.hul is a foot print. To arrive.
Who arrives. From what place. F1 could be a place name. Eroded so hard to make out.
Bala chan kawil is about 10 when he arrives.
Stair cases are by defination symbols of movement.
Panels flank the stair case have some good content but they are heavily eroded. Talking about the crowning of the king of calakmul. Ba chan kawil was there.
The other panel is heavily eroded but what is left is significant. Has a parentage statement. Has the fathers name found in tikal
Muwan. Two people who have he same father who is a king of tikal. Balaj chan kawil.
Step 3.
2 ahau 13 pax. Period ending.
7 caban 10 xul.
11 hear. C1 yax pik 3 katun ending period glyph.
Kal. Binding or lifting. Most common use in relation to the white headband binding. Not happening here. Probably a youth iniation.
F1. Designation for bala chan kawil. Very rare. Supernatural in nature. Winikil. Relation to a certian class of supernatural. Assuming the embodyment of the supernatural. All maya kings have a super natural counterpart.
Gist of it is that its his first ritual as that entity.
Step 4. 9.10. 2.2.19. Scibal error. Or possible the steps are mixed up. Or the narritive is jumping a round. A year before the ascession date. We cant know just have to work it out the best we can. His inauguration date is ambiguous. Step 3 statement is the closet. To king inauguration. Dospilas commerates birth days not ascession dates
F1 departing a place to go somewhere. Central section of the stairway is ambiguous.
Step 5
Two steps were the maths is garbled. 4 muluc 2 mac.
E1 cleaved head figure. F1 pitz ball playing
Only writinng system that doesnt correct errors.
Other sections of the stairwAys were built later.

Step 6 is a later addition to integrate the section into a larger composition.
Date recorded on this is 35 years later than the first steps.
Bala chan kawil. Had an interesting life story. Stair ways like chapters of his life.

Choch kitan. North east close to belize same linr as san bartolo.

Each step has two dates base and lessor dates.
East section. Different artist. More info. Step 1 is missing part.
When they remodled they kept the retorical nature of the first steps 6 ahau 13 mac. 4 muluc 3 cumku. 4 days later than first date
D1 cham he dies.. Not all skulls are the same semi fleshed and skull. Used to lump them together now realise that there is differentiation.
D2 specifies the place where he died not common amongst the maya.
Sakhaal. Place and person we cant place.
Ba chan kawil abt 23 when this happens.
E1 assemblage of syllabic signs.
Ta ba chuk.
F1. Could be subject of the death.
Kab jiy. He oversees it. That persons work or responsibility. The route is the noun to earth overseeing and cultivating the earth. It seens balaj chan kawil. Is overseeing the person who died. Wether he was responsible for the death is ambigious. He is from tikal or dos pilas.
All the steps to go together as a narrative.
Step 2 abt 3 years later than the last step. 1 cuac 17muan 12 ahau 8 ceh.
At least 3 different verbs with places and people’s.
Shell star verb is reffering to war.verb followed by weapons or place.
Wing shell serpent/dragon. Ancient name of dos pilas. Dos pilas is the victum of a military attack. Next glyphs tell the name of who attacked.holy lord of kanul. Yuknoom chen. Eye ball. Bones in blackness.
Yuknoom. Is important weilds lots of power sets up alliances through marriage and conquest. Sites that for a neat line. Closing off access to tikal.
Precolumbrian trade routes. Possible basis for modern routes.
. E2. Tab. To go up. Always appears in relation to people. He leaves and goes up to a place. Kinich pa a witz. Solar radience cracked hill. A crack literaly runs though the site. Agua teka.
Leader admtting defeat in a monument is a rare accurance.
Gets more interesting
Step 3.
Highlighted date 12 ahau 8 ceh 6 ix 2 kayab.
Some thing is the head of chak. Yuknoom chen defeats tikal king flees. And goes.
E2 nu ?ja. Its a verb cant read the middle sign
Need the context to be able to decpher the signs. The lords of tikal are doing something its what they are doing that needs to be deciphered.
Step 4.
First part is heavily eroded probly starts with a date. Discussing fire claw from kanul.
Tikal lord and dospilas lord. Were at yaxha. What ever is happening involves yaxha.
Step 5 involvez military engagements and conquest. 9 cuac 17 yax kin.
Bala chan kawil is the subject. Defeahs lord of coban and lord of jaguar.
Torch macaw. Unkown what it is but different kings guard or warch it.
Step 6 the beginning of the turn around of the fortunes of bala chan kawil.
West stair way
Step 1. Date 4 akbal 11 muwan.
Dos pilas get defeated again by tikal. Possibly by the brother of bala can kawil. Goes to chak na. Like to record strategic retrats
91 days after the defeat of dos pilas. Two cities are burned. Another reference to conquest. Another war.
Bala chan kawil flees again to hix witz.
Step 3. Measuring everything from the defeat of dospilas.. exhiled king of tikal is at pulil then goez to. Unknown place. After this bala chan kawil returns to dos pilas. 9 akbal 6 yaxkin.
Step 4.
23 days before tun ending.
Defeat of tikal. Pool is there blood mountain of thier skulls. Final comeuppance of tikal by bala chan kawil. 13 divisions political terms. Mass execution. Chich or kik blood. Glyph for blood basis day signs.
Step 5 as a conequence we have a shift in topic. this period ending. Something important happens. He dances. The one who dances is yuknoom chan of kanul. Along with bala chan kawil. They dance together.
2 years later. Reach 2 ik. 3rd katun anniversary of his birtjhday.
Step 6. Bala chan kawil marries a woman from itzan nearby local site.
Then talks abt a son . Initiation ceremony. Possible looping it back to the biography of bala chan kawil.
Conclusion. One loose end that dave didnt get to . Central stair case step 6 calendar round date. 6 chichan 18 muan. Its 30 years later. Integrate there new stairway into the old one.. more patterns in the overall stair case. Early bio. Intentional design to divide his life into 3 sections. Early life wars and defeats. One section emphasies calakmul as enemy.then tikal as enemy. The three stair csse represents the 3 katuns of his life. Each one with its particular features. The dancing is so off topic that its really stands out. Is possible.the central focus of the stair way.
On the day that they are dancing they dedicate the stairway on the day.
Hs 4 is the cliff notes version of hs2.
Bala chan is an ally of the king of kanul. Possible gives the name of the guy mentioned in hs2 that was defeated. Lam kawil.
Defeated. Then tikal was defeated. Step 1 has a date that is the birth date of bala chan kawil. He dances on his 3 katun . Two years after they possible add a step at the top.
The steps are very broad and substanual. The dancing seems out of place. Stairways carved insitu. Steps not just for walking. Probaly also used as a stage for dancing on. Stages for performance. Re inactieng important events. Steps are sort of like subtitles for the performance.
Celebration of a king who was caught inthe middle of largers geo politival events. Also 3 acts.
Original 5 steps are not meant for performance. When remodeled added originals steps to the larger narative.last date of the narrative is the ascessiin date of the next king.
Hs 2 and 4. Hs 4 waz meant for the royal residence.

A lots of grammatical parrelism amongst the steps. But each step is a descretw unit.
Embodyment of history in stone.
Larger pyramid is a embodyment of larger creation narrative. Triadic.

Book of Mormon Central

19 May

Been creating lots of empty pages for  the site . I will slowly be adding content to the empty pages that I have made. I hope that I haven’t missed any possible locations that are mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
I love this work it is my dream job come true. I hope that in the future that i might actually get paid for it.
I have a 3 year plan for content to add too the site. I also plan to collate the content that I’m adding in to three books.
I have found that for the bible there are three main resources that i use to understand what is happening. A gazetteer, A concordance  and a biographical dictionary. However when I looked to see wether such resources existed for the Book of Mormon I didn’t find any. I waited a while to see wether someone else was going to do it, But it seems that no one else is going to do it so I have to do it myself. Through the research i have done I will also be creating a 4th book. focusing specifically on The city of Zarahemla. I hope to do for Zarahemla what David Palmer did for Cumorah.

Book 1 Book of Mormon gazetteer. This is the book that I have worked the most on and is the closest to completion. Taking all the geographical locations and creating entries that outline everything that is known about them. Easier for the old world than the new.

Book 2 Finding Zarahemla. has been an out growth of my research on Zarahemla for the Gazetteer. Its is about developing a set of criteria taken from the text of the Book of Mormon. then I will take all the existing Zarahemla candidates and compare them to the criteria list to see which is the best fit.

Book 3 Book of Mormon Concordance. using  the  1828 websters dictionary to start creating an entry for each word in text of the Book of Mormon. When I gt more money and can pay for access to the early modern english dictionary then i will update each entry to reflect the earlier usage which according to skousen is the most likely usage for the book of Mormon

Book 4 . Book of Mormon Biographical Dictionary. havent started yet will probably what I do in three years time. Taking all the people mentioned in the  Book  of Mormon and creating entries for each of them outlining everything that is know about the person

Book 4 . Book of Mormon Biographical Dictionary. havent started yet will probably what I do in three years time. Taking all the people mentioned in the  Book  of Mormon and creating entries for each of them outlining everything that is know about the person


. I plan to charge $20 a book plus postage. I have yet to decide exactly how the books will be published wether to use a local printer and then ship them my self or to go through Koffard books or a similar Utah publisher  like I have seen others producing these type of books do.

Day 1 New high land shop 1 kj

9 Apr

Just testing a new function i found that will enable me to send notes written on my phone to wordpress . Please excuse the bad spelling and grammar.
New high land chronology.
Sculptures of kj.
Lucia henderson. Kj was confusion.
Couldnt tell what was what.
New numbering system.
Basic art history. Education and empowerment. Enough of a understanding to be creative.
Its all new.
Early maya sculpture is all in the southern maya area.
Kj. Middle area is a vacant area for stone sculpture. Stone sculpturess end with the preclassic collapse 150 ad.
4 sites located at natural transition zones. Kj itzapa el baul and takalick abaj.
Kj dealing with a diminshed land scape. No context between sculptures that were uncovered. Bad archaeological practices. All kj sculptures in terminal context. Not on original context.
100 bc. To 150 ad.
Itzapa over interpreted.
Takalick. Not illustrated too much. Keeping stuff not publishing.
New back ground. Kj chronolgy just moved 200 years forward in time.
Kj origin point . No longer accurate.
Sculpture development shifted. Inomata.
Forms that sculpture takes. Until now beem projecting back in time. For late classic. Can now read
Itzapa is the chronolgy hold out. Advised chronolgy based on new radiometric calabration.
Quest to be the first and earlirst has skewed the dating.
Simply shifting the absolute dates.
The 4 sites were concurrent.
Shook hatch chronolgy. Was too stretched out. Has now been collapsed.
350 bc is when la venta collapses
100bc huge change across the maya area. Rise of kings.
Terminal preclassic hieght of scupture.
Now arguing for a hietus.
5 implications of the revised chronolgy. 1 maya style not till 100bc
2. King protrists 100bc and kingly tombs.
3. Maya style appears to be adapted from the lowlands to the highlands.
4 adopted into existing and long standing traditions.
What changed
Verbena. Now 100bc -50 bc.
2Earlier texts appear to derive from painted tradition.
3. Major transition in the treatment of stone.
A stone as volume early to mid preclassic
B stone as scultpure surface late preclassic.
4 hieroglyphic
5. Text and image are a fully intergated concept
6. Local styles continue during the terminal preclassiv.
7. Mastery of stone.
Late preclassic sculpture development. 350bc -100ad.
2 major themes super creative
Theme 1 stone landscape water
Theme 2 enthronment.
Origins of maya script.
Kj in the late classic. Almost like they were collecting that monuments for musuem purposes. Problem with kj. Recycled monuments more than most sites.
The survivor of the preclassic collapzr is tikal. Probably collapsed because of drought.
Alot of ramifications due to the changes happening.
Now is a time of change and transition in preclassic archaeological.
For the preclassic chonology. We dont know the chronolgy. Dont know how to date scultpure. Refining it al the time. Binary divide between the Highlands and the lowlands both cultural and academicly.
Chonological and culturally. Changes have serious implications. We have to rethink were maya art came from.
Highland origins of maya civ. Is in correct. Came from the takalickabaj . Elporton. Archaeology projects. Early dates at these sites. Skewed thought to thinking that maya started in the highlands.

Maya writing have a classical period bias. Abt 80%. Label classic maya.
Elite language. Version of cholan. Lowland language.
Preclassic writing is patchy and badly perserved. Kj writing. Is it coming out of the Highlands or the lowlands.
Two new developments sanbartolo
And refinement to chronology by inomata.
3 major writing systems. Zapotec. Isthmian and maya.
They look alot a like. They are seperate. Languages. There is much overlap. They are cousin scripts designed to represent there own languages. Just because they have a similar symbols doesnt mean the underlying language was the same.
Probably came from an olmec base language.
What is the highlands its messy are they maya or something else.
Now thinking that there are 4 writing systems with the highlands being its own writing system.
Coe and kaplan argue for the highland origins. Stelae 29 tikal. 292 ad. Earliest firmly dated lowland monument. Rupture between the preclassic and the classic.
Early maya texts were on small portabe objects. But due to bieng looted dont know were they were from.
Peten had a visulal cultural complex clusters around 100bc. Wedded together from the start. Lowland maya stelae. Nakbe. Very badly eroded writing at elmirsdor.
Preclassic maya art all the way into the yucatan. Massive architectural complexs puuc region. Jaina.
San bartolo changed our thinking abt the preclassic. 15000 peices of stucco. Assembled together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
Many texts only now working on decpherment.
One readable glyph is starman.
230 bc to 50 ad. San bartolo dates. Dating the fill that covered the murals. Likely that the murals are earlier. 250bc. Also have much earlier. 5 phases of construction. Goes back to middle preclassic. Maya writing it style looks maya. But unreadable.
Kj was anchor for chronolgy for highlands. When its chronolgy changed rippled out to all other site.
Earliest written date
At sanbartolo 300bc. Found in fill.
Issue 1 highland and lowland chronology.
Maya visual culture is in place by 300bc. With wide distribution though out the lowlands.
Highland and piedmont come later.
Can read some of the glyphs at san bartolo. Lots of stylistic changes.
But sysllbic writing. One example ayal. From the beginning. There from the get go.
Examples of hieroglyphic on the outside of the temple. Large.
Kj style is similar to san bartolo.
Presentation of glyphs is different in preclassic. Not carved in relief.
Kj stelae 10. Lòoks like a mix but probably not. Mode of presenting texxt in preclassic. Maya day signs. Distinctive only found in the maya.

Day sign cartouche. Is a blood sign.
Culture affiliated participating in the maya culture. Itzapa and takalick participate in lowland maya culture
Long count could be a borrowed system.
Several examples of shared glyphs between thhe highlands and lowlands . Elites adopted the dominant culture. Locals not necessarily maya.
People always want to participate in whats cool. So itzapa and other sites were just trying to adopt the prevsiling culturre
Preclassic is all abt ideology and religion . Classic is abt kings.
Not sure wether there were true kings in the preclassic.
Back to themes.
Maonly talking abt style when we call a site maya. Dealing with elite culture. Only stone. All the other mediums have pereshed. So limits what we can ever know.
700bc first stone monuments.
Plain stelae. Kj . Naranjo. First paring of altar and stelae. 3kms north of kj.
Stone is in herently deep to create a link to the greater cosmo.
Finding that these stones maybe linked to the source they come from. Volcanic. Water ect. Longest tradition.
Zoomorphic sculptures. Is just a thing. Becomes more modified through time. Have no idea what these things really are.
Niche monuments. Harken back to olmec motifs. People emerging out of monster mouths. Jaguars and serpent’s.
Caves are super importance are a link between earth sky and unfer word.
Practicing rituals. Painted on the way out. Physical activities. Transformational space.
Potbelly sculptures. Subject matter not a style.
Ancestors embodiment of landscapes. Landscape you couldnt ignore. Nothing abt volcanos in maya iconography. Potbellies not were adorned with the accurments of elite. Possible generic form of volcanoes
Mirrors are associayed with Potbellies. Fire iconography.
Izapa has Potbellies in a rows
Mountians creation and ancestors all linked together. Very tied to the local landscapes. Incredibly diverse.
Theme 2. 500bc change.
Bench figures. Standardized. Also throne figures. Portable.
Could represent divine kingship.
4 legged throne only in izapa area. Public articulation of kings for first time.
Dont really know how to differentiate altars from thrones.
Alot of altars associate with water. A specail space that rulers get to occupy.
Adapation and adaption. At 100bc. There is a change. Slow easy development . Extremely close relation between san bartolo and kj.
Wide spread conservative style. But local expression.
Terminal preclassic iconography

Kj scultpure 9. 400bc. Didnt alter the natural form of the basalt.
Divide into two parts. Human form standing on something.
Human. Naked with belt. Twisting dynamic pose. Scrolls coming out of mouth. lBreath. Sound speech.
Conc shell. . Moisture rain.
What is he standing on. A crocodile. Represents the earth. Over and over again between earth crocz and water.
No celestial bands till classic period.
Style not standardized yet.
Kj sculpture 2. Crocodile body becomes a portal to other worlds. Shell edge. Looks like one monument but 2 sculptors. Differences from one side to the other.

One sculptor did several kj sculptures.

Still before 100bc. No maya influence yet.
Chakk is abt water.
At kj . Dont know how to seperate out the different forms of water.
Maya think differently. Than us.
Kj often has paired scultpures done by two different artist usally one good on amateurish.
The face of rain. Kj 81. Bunny chak.
Portsble chak sculptures. Comes in different shapes and sizes.
Possible still water.
Closed eyes open eyes.
Forget everthing you think you knew abt izapa things r chnging.
Rain and storm dieties. Each site had different ones
Still dont know why. Kj draws it one way itzapa another nevr overlaps.
So many different features that its hard too say if they are all chak.
Trefoil eye represents early creator god. Similar to itzamna.
Kj rain was more important than maize.
As we move forward earth croc face changes.
After 100ad. Always playing with perpective. Later get kings associatin with water god.
Kings associating them selves with fishing. Rain is always a theme. Kings sit on mats and so do deities.
Kj 224. Stone from south coast. Terminal preclassic. Human engage ment is required to understand the sculpture. Abt 100bc
Kj 226.
Probably maize diety. Coming out of a storm.
Buck tooth is typically assoiciated with the wind. Ik sign associated with all things related to the wind.
Chak. Closet thing that comes close to being the patron god of kj.
Only at kj do we have such a proliferation of chak.
Kj is exceptional among its peers in representing the aspect of sound.
Whisltes drums flutes. Music is associated with rain.
Lots of sunken courts found in kj. Sacrifice associated with the courts.
Cosmic balancs
Sculpture 11. A fine example. Of sculpture.
Jester god. Three petal flower with a face. The term jester god was over applied. Need to define the real Jester god. Really looking at three entities that have been conflaed to one jester god. Confusing because of similar vegative motives. Fishy god flower god. Leafy god or paper god personification of paper. . Has a specific word value in the script. Hun. Fig tree. Paper bark. Book. Also paper head band crown of kings.
Head bands are impotrant pan mesoamerican. Olmec zapotec maya and aztec. Same hieroglyphic used.
Palace tablet of palenque is really abt paper. Crowing with paper head and passing on the paper crown.plce were kings and subordinates were crowned with paprr headdress.
3 leaf hun probaly proper name of jester god.born on the day 1 ahau. On 8 ahau was bound. With head band.
Paper headband is not something that youd associate with kings probably has humblr back ground. Every king at palanque needs to have a mythological avatar.
Probably jade oobjects were attached to a paper head band.
Ahau probably origanilly a flower was changed to a face later.
Maya had an overarching concern to show that things had animate properties.
In the early classic the pbd was incorpated with the paper god crown.
Preclassic rulers were all hun. As a royal name. Substituted there name with hun the re is a fusion between the ttwo.
Ux yop hun. 3 leaf paper. Almost like a founder yet trancends a single polity. Defines kingship. Quite arcane stuff.
Izapa blends human and supernatursl. Kj makes a clear distiction between the two.
Pbd serves a lot of differwnt functions.
Pbd is sacrificed that are necessay for humans to follow. A great creative. Icon. Two drums with pbd wrapped around them. Descent of pbd in the midst of rain and stormsand lightning.

Politics and other stuff.

8 Apr

Well it now the begging of April . Were has the time gone. I should really blog more regularly.
I have been avidly following American politic hoping that Bernie Sanders will get the Democratic party nomination.With each state that he wins i count down in anxious anticipation till the next vote praying and hoping that he wins enough delegates to get the nomination.
If he doesn’t win I hope that trump does. I just want someone to be American President that isn’t beholden too the current system. If trump wins then the systes will probably implode and hopefully something better can be created from the ashed of the old system.

For Australian politics it looks like we’ll be heading to an early election on July 2. I really hope so. The current mob are a joke and need to be kicked out. I will be getting more involved with the Greens I am going to training this week end on how to run a campaign.

I’m also excited as I’ll hopefully be meeting the new Greens Leader Richard Di Natale. I’ll post a photo of me with him to my facebook profile. I would love to get a pic with Bob Brown but i fear that i have missed my chance of getting one.

I am also continuing my writing.  I am volunteering with Bookof mormon central with the hope of getting a paid position in the near future.
Things are looking up and going well I hope and pray that my life continues on a positive trajectory.

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